09.02.2024  |  17:54

The red-yellows lost to the army team in the second control match of the day

09.02.2024  |  17:52

The Red-Yellows lost to the Khabarovsk team in the control match

02.02.2024  |  20:47

The red-yellows lost to the Samara team in the fourth match of the training camp

02.02.2024  |  14:05

The red-yellows won their first victory in 2024, beating the second team of Krasnodar in the third Turkish match

25.01.2024  |  13:45

The Vladikavkaz team lost to the team from Kazakhstan with a minimal score in the second control meeting of the training camp

19.01.2024  |  15:32

The red-yellows lost with a minimal score to the team from Uzbekistan in the first sparring of the Turkish training camp

15.01.2024  |  15:27

The midfielder of our team re-signed a contract agreement for a period of 6 months and will be announced for Alania-2

11.01.2024  |  15:24

PARI training camp started in Turkey

09.01.2024  |  15:21

Tomorrow the team will undergo a scheduled in-depth medical examination in Moscow

30.11.2023  |  16:37

The team management summed up the results of the first part of the season, and the players received individual work plans

30.11.2023  |  16:21

The red-yellows parted ways at the Akhmat Arena with the team from Zhigulevsk

20.11.2023  |  20:07

The red-yellows were defeated in Grozny by a team from the Moscow region

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