21.05.2024  |  15:18

The author of the winning goal and the best player in our team shared his opinion after the match with the SKA

— Kolya, congratulations on your victory! How important is it for Alania today?

— Thank you for your congratulations! Yes, every victory is important for us, it does not depend on our place in the table. Mathematically, we will no longer reach first place. And for us there was only one goal — to become the first. Therefore, now one way or another it is necessary to win, show your face, please fans, family and friends.

— Did the moment with Evgeniy Kaleshin’s removal have a global impact on the team’s play?

— Basically, when you lose your head coach on the bench, it affects you. His hint is missing somewhere, for example. But we have his qualified assistants who helped throughout the match. And we also tried to give each other advice on the field. As a result, the game did not fall apart, it survived.

— A beautiful goal came from a set piece, how much time do you devote to such shots in training?

— To be honest, I train them enough. During the entire game, such a penalty can only fall once, everyone must be prepared for this. And if I’ve already been selected as a “penalty taker,” then I need to show my skills! I also wanted to add that today it so happens that my mother is celebrating her birthday. I dedicate the goal I scored to my mother! I love you very much and kiss you, happy birthday!

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