13.05.2024  |  16:55

Our team’s defender shared his impressions after the meeting with Torpedo

— Alan, it was difficult to predict a goalless draw in this match, why did the teams fail to open the scoring?

— There was a lot of fighting and unnecessary fuss, tight play in the center of the field, the enemy defended with a large number. We were never able to open them. Just like they do us.

— During the entire meeting, there was only one shot on target from both teams. Is it all due to the density of the defense?

— Yes, sure. The game turned out to be viscous and tight; the individual qualities of our “gangsters” in attack came to the fore. But again, the opponent was preparing for them and defended very tightly and in large numbers!

— The hosts surprised their team with their game, or they acted in their usual style.

— No, the hosts were not surprised; I repeat once again, they defended compactly and tightly during our attacks. It was a match until the first goal. It was as if we were playing until the golden goal. We had good, high-quality approaches, but were unlucky in the end.

— Was this match of fundamental nature for you?

— Honestly, any opponent in this league, whether in first place, second or last, there is no big difference. You just need to impose your own and resolve issues at the beginning of the match. Then the opponent opens up and gets even more chances at his goal. And so, for us all teams are important. As I already said once, we are in a traffic jam, but the green light will not light up…

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