02.06.2023  |  16:52

The defender of the red-yellows shared his opinion about the upcoming confrontation with the Kaliningraders

— What do you know most about playing for Baltika?

— I remember a very good team. At that time, there were minor difficulties, but due to the cohesion of the teams, they did not pay attention to this. It was good in Kaliningrad. Spent great time there. Then there were a lot of our boys.

— If we decide our team and the Kaliningraders, what are the main similarities and differences between the teams?

— I think that now, as before, a good team has been assembled in Baltika. We have one big family in Alania. I think that’s exactly what we are!

— Are you familiar with anyone from the composition of the «Baltic»?

— Yes, my brother Dudik (Aslan Dudiev) plays in Baltika. I also got to know Kirill Folmer closely, with views we played for Ufa together!

— What can we expect from the White-Blues in the next face-to-face meeting?

“I don’t think they have anything special in the game. We know very well how they play. Basically, they simplify the game and try to bind affection. We are ready for this. It will be interesting to watch our game!

— In the game with Akron, there was total bad luck, maybe all the goals are reserved by our team for the upcoming match?

— God forbid that everything was so!
There are a lot of things connected with Akron that should have been implemented. We are now charged for the match against Baltika and expect that they will fly into their gates!

— And, of course, I want to show that we are ready to increase the level and fitness in the RPL!

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